Retail Program
Our vision of the Retail Program and space allocation is to have the ground floor as a more traditional shopping offer, an extension of the Bazaar idea, with more modern fare as we progress up the building. In summary, the zoning is as follows
تقسیم بندی طبقات به شرح زیر، نمایانگر اندیشه ای متفاوت در طراحی و ساخت یک مجتمع تجاری و تفریحی مدرن جهان است.

3 Levels of Retail
Supermarket, Travel Agencies, Youth Fashion & Accessories, High End Restaurant, Bazaar, Banks, Department Stores, Coffee Shops, Women’s Fashion, Men’s Fashion, Home Furniture, Accessories, High End Brands, Electronics, Accessories, Jewellery

1 Level of Entertainment and Services
Cinemas, Food Court, Fun City, Sporting Goods, Toy Shops, Restaurants, Kids Play Areas, Spa

2 Levels of Parking
Parking at Kish Mall is located in 2 levels of basement, from B2 to B1 inclusively. Each level carries an average number of 600 lots, for a total of more than 1,200 parking spaces.