Retail Program
Our vision of the Retail Program and space allocation is to have the ground floor as a more traditional shopping offer, an extension of the Bazaar idea, with more modern fare as we progress up the building. In summary, the zoning is as follows

3 Levels of Retail
Supermarket, Travel Agencies, Youth Fashion & Accessories, High End Restaurant, Bazaar, Banks, Department Stores, Coffee Shops, Women’s Fashion, Men’s Fashion, Home Furniture, Accessories, High End Brands, Electronics, Accessories, Jewellery

1 Level of Entertainment and Services
Cinemas, Food Court, Fun City, Sporting Goods, Toy Shops, Restaurants, Kids Play Areas, Spa

2 Levels of Parking
Parking at Kish Mall is located in 2 levels of basement, from B2 to B1 inclusively. Each level carries an average number of 600 lots, for a total of more than 1,200 parking spaces.