Kish Island

Kish is a 91.5-square-kilometre Resort Island located in the Persian Gulf. The Island is a Free Trade Zone which is touted as a shopper’s paradise, with numerous shopping centres, tourist attractions, resorts and hotels. It has an estimated population of 30,000 permanent residents and over 1 million people visit the island annually.

Over the past few years number of visitors has steadily increased by around 6% annually making Kish the 3rd most visited vacation destination in Iran.In 2010 Kish Island was ranked among the world’s 10 most beautiful islands by The “New York Times”.

Kish Economy

Kish Island offers a favourable Free Zone environment to do business, including 20 years tax exemption for companies and individuals, 100% freehold, no visas requirements for foreign nationals, Free Zone banking and insurance, strategically placed between mainland Iran and UAE, just to name a few.

•  معافیت مالیاتی 20 ساله برای هر نوع فعالیت اقتصادی •  ورود اتباع خارجی بدون اخذ روادید •  مالکیت 100% قطعی •  خدمات گسترده بانکی و بیمه ای •  بورس اوراق بهادار و نفت و محصولات پتروشیمی •  معافیت از حقوق گمرکی •  ثبت آسان شرکت ها، مؤسسات صنعتی، مؤسسات فرهنگی و مالکیت معنوی •  مقررات آسان برای ورود کالاها •  دانشگاه ها و مراکز علمی متعدد و معتبر •  موقعیت استراتژیک جغرافیایی •  امکانات رفاهی و تأمین امنیت خانواده ها  •  بندرگاه تجاری با قابلیت پهلوگیری کشتی های با ظرفیت بالا •  تسهیلات ویژه برای صادرات مجدد و ترانزیت کالا •  ایجاد و گسترش نهادهای پولی بانکی •   توسعه جاذبه های سیاحتی •  تأمین امکانات و تسهیلات گردشگری

Investing in Kish

Kish Island offers a safe environment for foreign investment; Support and guaranty of foreign investment, no restrictions on transfer of cash to mainland Iran or other countries, no restrictions on currency exchange, updated IT and communication info structure, Kish stock and commodities exchange market, just to name a few.