The Vision for Kish Mall

Our vision establishes Kish Mall at the forefront of the Iranian tourism industry, with incorporating new ideologies aimed at enhancing the leisure and shopping experience of patrons and seamlessly blending them with proven modern principles.

Kish Mall is the ultimate destination for visitors to enjoy a new standard of leisure and shopping experience.

«Kish Mall The largest Shopping and Leisure destination in Kish Island

Kish Mall’s 6 Storey structure includes 2 below ground parking and 4 above ground shopping and entertainment levels with a total build-up area of more than 145,000sqm and retail spaces ranging from 30sqm to 2,200sqm, over 60% of total build-up area is designed as common areas, the project also houses a multiplex cinema and conference center, retail, food court, kids play areas, restaurants, banking and financial center, health and personal care services.

Architectural Design

Interior Design of Kish Mall is carefully developed to create an engaging space for both patrons and retailers. A dynamic series of spaces with their own characteristics inspired by the traditional Bazaar, the interior façade along with the roof design are reminiscent of the Iranian bazaars. Shoppers will sense an urban environment rather than being in a conventional more contemporary shopping mall.

Central to the building is the largest Atrium. It is a grand 3 storey space intended for public activities and displays just as a public plaza. The space would house functions, such as music, literature, gastronomy and art festivals designed to entice interest and ultimately increase traffic-flow to the Mall.

Public Areas

New principles of shopping malls not only imply a pleasant shopping experience but also add-on facilities to expand the number of activities within the building. As a result over 60% of total project build-up in Kish Mall has been allocated as public areas.

Key to the architectural concept of the complex, the gallerias define the main shopping zones within the building. Inspired by the traditional Souq, the interior façade along with the roof design are reminiscent of the traditional Iranian bazaar.

Central to the building is the largest public semi open space “the Atrium”. It is a grand 3 storey space intended for public activities and displays just as a public plaza.


Kish Mall is situated in a strategic location, positioned at the heart of the Island, adjacent to two of the Island’s main boulevards from its two sides. A large 5 star Hotel is situated at the northern side of the development, while multiple large residential subdivisions are neighboring the southern side.

Kish Island

Kish is a 91.5-square-kilometre Resort Island located in the Persian Gulf. The Island is a Free Trade Zone which is touted as a shopper’s paradise, with numerous shopping centres, tourist attractions, resorts and hotels. It has an estimated population of 30,000 permanent residents and over 1 million people visit the island annually.

Over the past few years number of visitors has steadily increased by around 6% annually making Kish the 3rd most visited vacation destination in Iran.In 2010 Kish Island was ranked among the world’s 10 most beautiful islands by The “New York Times”.

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